Our Jerky..

What started as a New Year's Resolution and a Christmas gift
Turned into something real tasty..
Jerk Me-Hoff or Jerk Meh Off (depending on which part of the motherland you are from) History

What makes a truly epic origins story? Historical context? Lovable parental characters that are tragically taken? An exciting metamorphosis, or is it all about a kick-ass montage? What ever comes together to form the core of those unforgettable hero origin tales like Kazaam or Pluto Nash.. This is not one of them.

I like cooking, my wife loves me, I mentioned I wanted to make my own jerky on Saturday. And Bing, bang, boom.. I got all the supplies for Christmas (with an assist from my parents) and I set out on my jerky journey.

We are constantly trying new flavors, new meats, and hell will take your meat if ya want. (Shut up you sicko’s out there, you know what I meant)

Ohh, and we ain’t fancy, and our marinades are locally forged.. usually from a trader named Joe, two fine merchants Teeter and his partner Harris, and nice old lady named B.J.

Styles of jerk..y

We are constantly making new flavors and experimentin' in the kitchen..
So check back to see what's new..

Yell at us our abour Jerky

Or to report us to the FBI for inapproperiate-ish logos.. Or maybe let us know how kick-ass the jerky is..
Either way.. let us know.. we are here for you..